The process of buying a new car often involves disposing of your old one, and if your car has reached the end of its life then you may be left with no alternative to having it scrapped. This may also be the case if your car fails its MOT and the cost of the repairs is more than the car is worth.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before scrapping a car.

Individual parts can make more cash

Depending on the condition of your car, you may make extra money by selling certain parts before it’s scrapped. Getting a mechanic to take a look over the car will give you an idea of the value you could expect when negotiating at a scrapyard.

Talk with the local scrap yard

Spend some time calling the local scrap yards and metal recylcers to find out how much they pay for junk cars. If the scrap yards says it is a set fee, look somewhere else, because you will not get the most money this way. While talking with the scrap yard, it is important to ask them their requirements on the gas tank and fluids. Some do not require that you drain the fluids at all, while others require that the gas tank be removed or just drained. Ask them if they have any other requirements, such as removing glass

Consider using auction sites

Whether you choose to scrap your car as a complete vehicle or to sell some of the parts separately first, auction sites offer an alternative to the scrapyard. Some people list their cars on auction sites at their scrap value in the hope of getting higher bids during the auction period.

Try online scrap merchants

There are now a number of online agents who will collect and scrap your car. You can usually find out how much they’ll pay for your car by entering the registration number and its location on their websites. There are also comparison sites for this so you can see who is offering the highest quote for your car.

Use an authorised treatment facility

If your car is to be scrapped, it must be done at an authorised treatment facility (ATF), which is a scrapyard that’s registered and monitored by the Environment Agency. There is a database of ATFs on the agency’s website, and it’s well worth a look. The facility will recycle your car in an environmentally friendly way and issue you with a Certificate of Destruction, which is important to keep or else you could find yourself liable for road tax and a fine, even when your car no longer exists.

Get the correct documentation

Remember that if you sell the car to someone, even if just for scrap, you need to let the DVLA know that you no longer have it by completing section three of the V5C vehicle registration document. It has been known for people to collect cars for scrap and then continue using them without a valid MOT – if you haven’t completed the right paperwork, you will still be responsible for the car. If you sell the parts and then scrap it, you need to get a Certificate of Destruction.

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